Project: BBC Bloom Flower Tool

Originally commissioned by MagneticNorth for the BBC Climate Change Website, this tool was used by their designers to create living virtual flowers that acted as rewards to online users who committed to various environmental challenges / goals

Both the BBC and Magnetic North have been kind enough to allow me to put this tool online to play with!

Images of example flowers produced with this tool are here

Blog entry / comments
The corresponding blog entry for information and discussion of this piece is on here

All flowers are based on an XML template. From this template the computer generates endless variations. The piece starts with a default template.

Click "Draw new variation" to see another different flower drawn from this template.

If you are experienced in XML, by clicking "Show XML" you can see / edit the template XML.

An example XML file containing documentation is here

Note, commercial use of this tool is forbidden, and it is supplied 'as is'

Special thanks to Adam, Kate, Brendan and Suzie at MagneticNorth

Flash / Flex, ActionScript3 / AS3, JPG

Copyright 2001-2013 Daniel Brown

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