Project: Hoxtron (working title)

This is a project that has been sitting on my hard-disk for a while now that I've been working on with my audio-engineer friend Nick Ryan. The idea is to create a tool that allows novice users to easily create a sound landscape that responds to their favourite music in a unique way. It's basically a configurable 3D spectrum analyser. I intend to develop this project over the next few months, and open it up to community participation. I'm also working on an iphone/ios player version, and the final web version will probably be HTML5. More soon!

This is currently an example level, audio by Nick Ryan. If you are a company interested in developing this project I'm keen to hear your thoughts!

A corresponding discussion page for this project will appear on shortely

Move the mouse to navigate around the 3-D soundscape

This is an audio-reactive piece, turn your volume up! This piece seems to run much faster in Chrome / Firefox btw

Flash / Flex, AS3, JPG, MP3

Copyright 2001-2013 Daniel Brown

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