HTML5 Mode 7

As I mentioned in the Hoxtron project, I'm rewriting the basic engine in HTML5/JavaScript. This is the first pass on the floor renderer, which right now looks very similar to the track technique in Super-Mario-Kart on the SNES. That particular approach is called 'Mode-7' after the screen-mode the console used, hence the name.

I should point out I'm being a bit tongue-in-cheek as my code actually works by 'Ray-Casting' and I wouldn't recommend writing a retro Mario Kart style game using this code! (parts of which are simply un-optimised code pasted from the original ActionScript)

If enough people ask I will happily program a Mode-7 track for you though!

More soon...

Special thanks to Mr Doob for inspiring my interest in HTML 5 ;-)

HTML5, JavaScript, JPG

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