Project: Printemps Paris

This was originally an LED-wall based video-input interactive piece created by SHOWstudio for the windows of the prestigeous Paris store Printemps.

As the public passed by the windows, their silouette unpeeled layers of images submitted by the public, creating a liquid photomosaic on large screens.

It's a good example of the rapid-prototype approach Nick Knight and I use. Having seen the previous 'Predatorator' Play-Create piece, Nick asked that we try developing the idea further for this project.

The complete SHOWstudio project, including full credits and more interactives is at:

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You need a web cam to use this piece. Move about in front of the camera to photomontage the images. Cover the entire camera view quickly to select new images (for example cover the camera with your hand).

Flash / Flex, ActionScript3 / AS3, JPG

Copyright 2001-2013 Daniel Brown

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