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WebGL demo using HTML5 and webcam. Note this piece requires a modern browser that supports native webcam access, such as Chrome or Firefox, and WebGL.

This is a piece that I've wanted to do in WebGL for a long time. Over the last 18 months I have done a lot of work with hardware accelerated 3D but mostly in Adobe's Stage3D. In the process I became aware of the very subtle differences between them. And this piece would not be possible with Stage3D.

(It requires texture sampling in the vertex shader - not just the fragment shader)

I knocked this up over the past week, and given that it is almost fireworks-night (November 5th) here in the UK, I thought it an apt time to post it. There are 400K particles, and all geometry and processing is calculated on the GPU.

I would imagine this piece would look fantastic projected in a large format, so if any of my museum/gallery friends fancy it, let me know...

I have left the source un-minified, so if you are interested you can see exactly how it works. Enjoy!

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This piece requires a webcam. Move around to see your body turned into particles.

HTML5 / WebGL.

Copyright 2001-2014 Daniel Brown

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